Best Live TV Kodi Addons of 2018 (latest list)

Best Live TV Kodi Addons of 2018 (latest list)

Kodi has became the part of life. And the ability of the kodi to stream various contets is the main reason behind the chord cutting. However not all the kodi addons works properly. Kodi is the supreme streaming software and its the ultimate solution for chord cutting. Because you can get more from kodi for free.  Now let us proceed to the best live tv kodi addons list of 2018.

Best live tv kodi addons

Best Live TV Kodi Addons of 2018


If you are in US, this is the one of the best live IPTV addons for you. Its a pure american addon for TV and movies. It will let you to eliminate cable forever. You need to signup to use all these services. There is free plan, you can use this plan to enjoy your favourite TV shows and music. Its a 1.5 months free plan. After that ou need to pay 19$/month, to choose your favourite channel.

Atomic Reborn

Its a new addon with variety of contents. The categorization n this addon is great. You can see all the sub category in the homepage itself. This addon is known for its documentary, movies and TV shows. It has hundreds if international Tv channels, so you can count on this addon for live TV. You can find the live TV under Atom IPTV catgory. Not all the links are working, but it will have all you need. The big deal is you need to check each lnk manuall to varify its working.

BBC iPlayer

iPlayer is a personalized player, with BBC original programs. Its helps to tack your personal interest for short period of time. And the best past is you can watch them for next 30 days without recording. The contents of this addon are geo restricted, and its only avalable for UK users. If you are non UK user, you must use VPN to access these contents.


Recently, lots of kodi addons were shutdown due to copyright infredgement. After this midian was released. Its a all in one addon with lots of on demand contents. Other than movies and TV shows its has documentry, sports, cartoon, and IPTV. It has multiple scrapers.  It has a huge list of TV channelsfromentertainment, business, and sports. Its one of the best live TV addons.

cCloud TV

This addon doesn’t need any introduction. It was one of the best Live TV addons for a long duration. But cCloud Tv is currently facing some issue and some of its streams are not working fine like before. It has 1000s of streams, you need to explore every stream individually to check its working. Still you can count on some of the channels like National geographic, AMC, Animal planet, ESPN and few more.

UK Turk Playlists

Its the leader among the pack. It always stand alone. Most of the streams are perfectly working. And due to this, it has large userbase. It includes channels from UK and Turkey. Its regional addon for them. You dont need a VPN to access these contents from other regions. Its open and works for most of the users. It works on the sports devil framework to stream live TV. If there is a issue with sportsdevil, some of the contents might not work.



Ever consider youtube as a live TV addon? Yes, it is. You will be suprised to know about thsi easy method to watch live TV. Most of the channels are using youtube as platform to provide live TV services. You can find live channels under “LIVE” section. you can also search for youtube local streams.


We had reached end of the list. Its one of the oldest live TV addons. Their service is pretty different from others. Being a pionner, their method is still unique. It will demand a pin for every four hours. This method is similar to other stream authorization methods. It also helps the developer to gain some bucks via ads. But this is one of the best all in one addons and it worth the effort.

Thats all about the best LIVE TV and IPTV addons. Though there are lots of other addons, WE personally prefer these are the best addons. We had made this list after checking lot of addons. Hope this article is informative.

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