Top 3 best official streaming sites of 2018 (new list updated)

Top 3 best official streaming sites of 2018 (new list updated)

Streaming is the latest trend. Now there is no download or DVD, only streaming. This trend started as a western culture, and now penetrating to the eastern market. In the west, 90% of the people use streaming services, to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. In addition to that, some of the premium streaming services have begun to release their own shows. And now the users are subscribing to those streaming services, especially to watch those shows. Now gradually other TV service providers also following the same trend. For instance, HBO has increased the number of web series. The entertainment industry is a huge industry. And the users are gradually shifting. In 5 years of time, there will be streaming only. So its better to keep yourself updated to the trend. In this article, we will discuss the top 3 streaming sites.

Top 3 official streaming sites


Netflix is the leader of the pack, in the streaming industry. At first, they are streaming only movies and Tv shows. And later they started making their own web-based series. These series hit the market as a storm. And most of the cable TV user shifted to the Netflix, just to watch these series. Abd soon impressed by the services and the contents, it started spreading like a wildfire. And soon they became the leader of the streaming industry. The Netflix subscription is 8$/month. And it includes movies, TV shows, Netflix exclusive.  The cost of cable TV and is somewhat higher than the Netflix. This made that huge shift possible. Netflix is the best official streaming site. It also supports various other devices like firestick, chromecast, Android TV box, Roku, and smart TV. It also provides one-month free trial for its users. You can avail this offer from the following link.



If you are looking for a wide variety of contents, we would suggest you go for amazon prime. The contents are pretty good and well organized in Amazon video. It was started as a fast delivery service. And soon after the boom of streaming industry, Amazon provided free services to the existing prime costumers. After that service was extended to other users. Now more users are opting for amazon prime membership. It includes 2 day delivery for the Amazon products and Amazon video service. Amazon video service includes movies, TV shows, web bases, and Amazon exclusive. The cost is around 13$/ month. It includes one-day shipping and two days shipping, streaming services, free kindle books and some credit points as a reward. The cost is high when compared to other services. But the overall review of Amazon prime is good.


Hulu is a yet another streaming service, who mainly focus on TV shows and movies. The contents of Hulu and Netflix are entirely different. If you can’t find that your favorite movie and TV shows on Netflix, there is a good possibility that you might found them on Hulu. Hulu contents are like a pressed DVD. Instead of providing each and every show, Hulu mainly concentrates on hit movies and some famous TV shows. If you generally watch the movie based on its review, you might go to Hulu. It also provides support across various devices like smart TV, Android, firestick, and chromecast.

Some other official streaming sites are

  • VUDU
  • MUBI

These are the top 3 streaming sites. And depending on your location and cost, you may avail of any of the services. The cost of top 3 services is pretty same. You can choose your favorite service and enjoy unlimited streaming.

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