Best working torrent sites of 2018 (fully tested working list)

Best working torrent sites of 2018 (fully tested working list)

Most of the P2P transfer is copyrighted. Torrents are based on P2P transfer technology. Most of the contents are shared via torrents. Most of this is subjected to copyright. So try torrenting at your own risk. Most of the torrent files are hosted in an unknown server. And you need a torrent client to access them. A user has to install this client software like utorrent or bit torrent in their system. And with the help of this software, you can download any media via torrent or magnet link. The hardest part is to find these active torrent file. Torrent is a P2P and ad-hoc based network. So the files are not only downloading from the server, but also from the seeders. An active torrent file is one which has active seeders and peers. So its easy for the user to downloads.

Best working torrent sites 2018

There are various torrent sites, and most of the users are using these selected torrent sites. So if you are also downloading the torrent from the same sites, there is the huge possibility of finding the good number of seeders. So take a note of the following best working torrent sites. These 5 sites have a majority of the torrent traffic.

The Pirate Bay

TPB is the most trusted site among the torrent users. Though it faces lots of issue from the government and anti-piracy agency, it keeps on evolving and serving its users with the best torrent. This makes this the number one torrent site. Its been for around for 15 years. They keep changing their domain names, so a user has to keep themselves updated. You can find the huge variety of torrents with lots of seeders. So this site is undoubtful, the champion of the torrents.



Since the boom of the industry, most of the users are especially targeting for high-quality torrents. If you are a person, who only watches high-quality torrent then this is the site for you. RARBG has limited number of torrents but each torrent is high quality and high seeders torrents. It concentrates on the quality over quantity. This gives utmost satisfaction to its users, and they keep returning to this site in every thought of downloading a torrent.


KAT is the only site which can rivals TPB. This site is similar to the TPB, loaded with lots of high quality torrents. It has the huge variety of torrents. There are lots of fake sites available in the same name. Due to the recent strike, this site is facing some issue. But its still the user favorite site.

Lime torrents is also one of the popular torrent site and its known for their large database. And the files are so legitimate. This keeps the user comming back. Its ine of my personal best site.


Are you feed up ads in torrents site? Then try 1337x torrent site, it is one of the site with least ad. The site design is great and user friendly. Previouly, site security was low. Now they seems to improving the security. This is the best alternate for limetorrents.


Other popular torrent sites


Most of us might heard of YIFI movies, sometimes they do release their own torrents. Though its not the official site of YTS, this site only contains torrent from YIFI. Due to copyright violation issue, the domain may change frequntly.

Its one of the popular torrent site in 2017. is blocked in many countries. Yet, you can use VPN to unblock this site. This site is known for its advanced search index. This also gives lots of torrents for same name, so user got lots of files to choose from.


If you are using torrents for anime, music, ebook. Then torlock is the best site for you. These three are its exclusive contents. And its also has torrents of movies and TV shows. It also has pages like popular, top 100, latest to download the new contents.

Thats all about the best torrents sites. Hope this list is informative. The torrent domain name may change frequently. So keep yourself updated, to access the latest torrent. We will update the list frequently for your refrence. Share this with your friends.

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