Best Kodi Repositories for streaming TV Shows

Best Kodi Repositories for streaming TV Shows

Kodi is an open-source media player software. Such kind of open source software is a platform for the developers to show their talent and innovations. This resulted in the production of a huge number of official and unofficial add-ons. Have you ever thought that where these add-ons are from?? and where there the add-ons are stored??… Here we go… The answer is Repository.

What is a repository?

In general term, a Repository is a place or receptacle in which data can be stored and managed. Technically in software, a repository also known as repo, in short, is a storage location from which software packages may be retrieved and installed on devices. There are different types of repositories. Here we speak about Kodi repo, so we will stick with Kodi repository alone.

In Kodi, these Repositories are portals through which you can install an addon on Kodi. It is just like the app stores in Android devices. Things to be considered when selecting the best repo, whether it provides popular and useful add-ons, and the volume of the content it provides.

To help you in such case, we are here to provide you with a list of best Kodi repositories in 2018. We have collected some of these repositories from Kodirepo article. I am sure all the repositories are working fine and up to date. So you need not worry about getting any error.

Best Kodi Repositories of 2018:

1. KodilRepo

KodilRepo is one of the best Repository and is in the top of our list, because of its richness in content. It provides hundreds of add-ons. The best thing about this repo is, other than typical movie and TV show add-ons, it provides you with the addon for Lyrics, Music, Picture, Program, Subtitles and much more. This repo brings you with the most promising content and Kodi addons.

The add-ons found in the kodil repo includes Covenant, Exodus, Elysium, Placenta, 123 Movies, and much more.

Repo URL:

2. SuperRepo

SuperRepo is the most popular and biggest Repository available in Kodi world. It brings you with around 3,000 choices in add-ons. One can find almost all every kind of add-ons.  Apart from add-ons, this repo provides you with attractive Kodi skins. It has many sub-repositories which makes it one of the largest repository. It is an unbeatable repo and all time favorite.

It provides you with a lot of add-ons, some of the popular add-ons are SkyNet, FilmOn, Coludstream, OneDrive and much more…

Repo URL:

3. Maverick TV Repository

Maverick TV repo is another popular kodi repository. If you are looking or Movies and TV shows then this Repo is especially for you.  This is a must install repo in 2018. This doesn’t contain a number of addons but it is worth to install this repo. Apart from the video addon, It also provides some quality Music Add-ons.

The best add-ons you can find in this Maverick Tv repo includes Maverick TV, Copy and Paste, JukeboxHero, The Magic Dragon, Sports Devil, and Now Music USA.

Repo URL:


We have provided you with the best Kodi repositories. Installing any one of the above repositories will bring you the best experience to watch Movies and TV shows. Along with that, you can enjoy some Music too. If you have any suggestion related to the provided content or any better suggestions or any feedback, kindly comment below.

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